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Space Coast Sailing Education Foundation, Inc.

Melbourne, Florida


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Organizational Meeting and First Practice Info for Fall 2019 Season

For those who attended our meeting at Melbourne Yacht Club, thank you for coming.  We have a large, enthusiastic group and this will be a great year for Space Coast Sailing (SCS).  We have more than doubled in size from last year.  We are virtually full so please remember to turn in registration forms and fees next Saturday at practice.  We have a short waiting list so please note that if registration is not complete by 8/18, your slot will be opened up to the next in line.  We also look forward to the Coastal Community School Dolphins being part of our team!
As with any youth sports group, we will need to do some fundraising and sponsorship drives as the participating fees do not cover all the costs.  SCS is a  IRS registered non-profit, and we do have a good start of local sponsors and donors.  But with our growth we will need to expand that.  So we really need some good leaders to step up for our Finance Committee, and if anyone knows of potential sponsors please talk to them and/or let us know
For all parents, as we discussed at the meeting, with a much larger group of sailors we also have a lot of work to do to keep the team up and running.  To do that, we will divide ourselves into 3 key Committees.  This coming Saturday at our first practice (at Eau Gallie Yacht Club) on the team white board will be the 3 committees listed, so please sign up where you feel you can help. 
1.  Finance Committee:  Plan and Coordinate SCS’s fundraising activities, including any sailor led activities (as an example some of sailors handed out watermelon for donations at a recent adult regatta), a fundraising event for current and new sponsors later this fall, and outreach to potential new community sponsors. 
2.  Regatta Committee:  If anyone has towing capacity and ability for the regattas that is key for our Sailing Director to know for planning.  Generally we need to be towing 4 trailers to each regatta.  The Regatta Committee will also coordinate teams for loading and unloading boats and trailer maintenance.  There are 5 regattas each semester that SCS participates in as a team.
3.  Social Committee:  Plan and coordinate social events for the team.  The major event is an end of semester party for each semester, and then potential team outings or 420 or bic group outings as the Committee may establish!   The sailors always have a blast when they get together.
Thank you very much!   SCS not only needs active parents in all of these areas to function, but watching and being part of supporting these kids developing both on the water and off is very rewarding.  Please sign up where you can assist!
See you on the water Saturday 8/17!


Summer Sailing by Space Coast Sailing Team Members

Summer is a great time to be on the water and SCS Sailors know how to take advantage of it.  On our own Indian River Lagoon last weekend, we congratulate Coach Connor and teammate Ethan on their performance at the J24 Regional Championship.  Meanwhile in New Jersey, teammate Jackson is getting some Opti racing in. SCS’s Ben also recently competed in the Geneva Lakes Sailing School Dinghyfest Regatta in Wisconsin, putting the Space Coast team name on the Midwest’s radar. 

Way to Go Space Coast Sailors!

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Space Coast Sailing will provide safe and positive opportunities for young people to experience the sport of sailing, and provide an infrastructure for increased learning and enjoyment.

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