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Jan. 21, 2019 Weekly Update

Last weekend went from one extreme to the other. Practice on Saturday was very nice, warm with breeze building slightly over time. Ethan had a chance to practice his dolphin whispering skills while Thomas and Justin sat in apparent awe. Sunday, when our regatta was scheduled, turned out to be a different day. With winds gusting into at least the high 20’s, the regatta was cancelled. At least the team got in good sailing on Saturday. Nature is so much a part of sailing! Looking ahead, we will continue to hold both varsity and JV practice at EGYC. MYC has graciously allowed us to temporarily move one boat to EGYC. Connor and a friend blasted it up to EGYC yesterday on what had to be an epic broad reach with lots of planing and waves to surf. Always looking for a teaching moment, Coach Connor and crew are demonstrating full out hiking. Having both groups sail together promotes the team atmosphere and makes the operations side much easier. As always, we are so thankful to the yacht clubs. We would not exist without their continued support. In turn, we are seen as a positive addition to the yacht clubs so it’s good for everyone. MYC has a fleet of 420s that have new sails and they hold small boat races every other week on Sundays. The races are low-key and are run very well so they provide a easy opportunity to have fun while gaining more experience and practice. Would there be interest in SCS sailors participating and having a parent or other adult crew for them? Six SCS sailors are from MYC families and the other families will be very welcome too. I’d like to give it a try. If there is sufficient interest, we can get as fancy as put together a series later on. On the business side, I’m still looking for a few more registrations and paperwork so if you haven’t already turned it in, please do so.