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Feb. 13, 2019 Weekly Update

Despite the weather forecast and a bug at MHS, ten JVs sailed BICs in a full practice as conditions were better than expected last Saturday. The light mist did nothing to dampen the day.  The current forecast for Saturday is good (80 degrees, winds 5-10, no rain according to and everyone should be healthy by now.

On Saturday night the Melbourne YC held it’s Commodore’s Ball. It also the annual awards ceremony.  Justin Tribou was awarded the Bill Haberland award as the leading youth sailor in MYC.  Ben Mohrman was awarded the Linda Tillman Award as the leading youth sailor in Brevard County.  Both of these awards honor people who truly loved the sport of sailing for a long time and were extremely helpful and nice to everyone.  They are still a huge part of our program.  Congratulations to Ben and Justin!

A couple of our guys have been doing some extra sailing.  The previous Sunday Jackson and Thomas sailed together in a 420 at MYC small Boat Sunday.  Carl Bjorklund, Todd and Sonya Schuerger got two more 420s out to make it a fleet.  This past Sunday Thomas and Todd sailed on Skimmer, a 35′ boat in the MYC rum races.  These small and big boat races are a really fun environment and an excellent way to gain more experience while sail with some different people.  One of these events occurs each weekend and all our sailors are welcome.

A new 420 has arrived in the area bringing the total to 11.  The newest boat came from Charlotte, NC.  When it was new, it won the 420 North American Championships and has since placed 10th in a Mid-winter Championships.  It has full spinnaker and trapeze gear so with that pedigree and equipment, it is a great addition to the fleet.

Finally, Coach Connor is making preparations for the regatta at Palm Beach Sailing Club on 2/24.  Please work with him so preparations and the regatta go smoothly.

See you on Saturday!