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Feb. 20, 2019 Weekly Update

Here’s hoping everyone had a good President’s Day break.  Sunday practice was a little more blustery than forecast.  After lunch, the JV coach cancelled the rest of the day after a good morning of sailing.  The varsity (including 3 BICs) went back out for a full practice in the afternoon.  It was really good to see Jimmy back sailing.

Today the newest 420 was rigged to be sure all the pieces were there.  It all checked out and clearly it is the best 420 in the area.  At this time it will be used only for a regatta boat. Which pair uses the boat will be determined with a few short races on the Saturday before the regatta.  Since the next regatta is Sunday Feb. 24, the users of the new boat will be determined on Saturday Feb. 23.  Right now the 420 teams planning to go to the regatta are Sailor/Gia and Thomas/Jackson.  The current BIC roster is Ben, Pia and William.  If others would like to go, contact coach Connor very quickly so logistics can be planned.  Also, Connor needs someone to tow the 420 trailer to West Palm Beach and back.

FIT spring break is coming quickly.  On Mar. 2nd all of the coaches will be gone so there will not be a practice that day. The following weekend Paige and Jack will run the practice.   BCPS spring break is Mar. 15-25.  Connor will poll the team to be sure there will be people in town to sail.  Even if the turnout is light, our policy is to provide an opportunity for those who want to sail to be able to do so.

Finally, next time you see coach Margo, congratulate her.  She will graduate from FIT in May and has been accepted to law school!  Jack will also be graduating in May and has been pursuing a job he really likes so best to him as well.  Both of them have made huge contributions to our program and we all wish them the best in future endeavors.  It is clear that they will do well.