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March 19, 2019 Weekly Update

Spring break and possibly a forecast of 10-20 reduced the number of sailors at practice on Saturday but those who showed up made the most of it.  Despite the forecast, the day started out very light.  The JV started out by sailing in the canals in virtually now wind.  Jack learned that rocking the boat back and forth makes the boat go forward.  Once out in the open water, at William’s request, they worked on sailing standing up and dry capsizing, two requirements at most BIC regattas that are also fun, especially on a BIC.  In the picture of the 420 you see Jimmy and Brooke sailing without a rudder.  They purposely took it off to work on using weight movement and sail trim to steer the boat.  Being able to sail a boat that way requires less rudder movement which allows the boat to sail faster.  As the day went on, the wind built to around 10 so the day turned out way better than forecast.

Ben and his support/cheering team of Sailor and Pia were at the 3-day BIC North American Championships on Mission Bay near San Diego, a beautiful venue with typical conditions on the light side.  Ben will have to tell us all about the details of the regatta but the bottom line is that he rocked it.  There were 89 sailors 38 of which were in the U13 division.  In that huge fleet, Ben finished second by less than a boat length (8′) in one race and finished the 13-race regatta in 8th in U13 and 23rd overall. This is probably the highest achievement of our young program and is a result of Ben’s individual hard work along with atmosphere for growth within the entire team and coaching staff.

Back at home, the weekend forecast is very good; 6-8 for practice and also 6-8 for Sunday’s regatta at Jensen Beach.  If you want to go the the regatta, be sure to register on regatta networks and let Connor know as well.

In the expanding horizons department, congratulations to the Bjorklund family who added a Precision 18 to their fleet.  It has a small cabin so it’s a good guess that Jackson is planning some overnight cruises.

Enjoy the rest of spring break.  Friday is suppose to be a good sailing day too.