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August 22, 2019 Weekly Update

We are back on the water! On Saturday, 30 Mercurys, Geminis, Apollos and Artemis’ hit the water and were followed on Monday by five Dolphins. In all, SCS welcomes 20 new-to-us sailors along with Coaches Pete and Sailor.  except for a BIC rudder that came off and sank, the day went about as well as can be imagined but there are a few improvements in the works. Losing BIC rudders has been an infrequent but recurring problem over the years that can be corrected with diligence from the sailors and coaches.   Also, a proven solution to make them float if they do come off is in the works.  Starting on Saturday morning, the Mercury and Apollo groups are expected to be rigged and ready to sail by 9AM.  The Gemini and Artemis groups are expected to be sure their boats are ready to sail by 1PM.

With such a large group that sail at separate times and days, it will be important to build camaraderie among the sailors and their parents.  Kara Mathews has stepped up to be the Social Committee Leader and a social mixer is being planned for the near future. Lisa Mohrman also has an idea for 1-or 2 families to introduce themselves by answering a simple questionnaire with the results being included in this weekly eblast. There are about as many families as there will be practices so it will take a while to work through all but it  seems like a good idea.  Lisa also runs our website  We are also on Facebook as the Space Coast Sailing Team where anyone can post pictures and prose.

SCS also participates in the Florida East Coast Youth Sailing Series for our more experienced sailors.  For the Fall Semester the schedule is as follows:

9/29 – Jensen Beach

10/13 – Melbourne

11/10 – Vero Beach

12/1 – Palm Beach

12/15 – Ft. Pierce

This year we have more sailors that we can transport boats for so the coaches will be working out the team details and working with the Regatta Committee on the logistics of towing four trailers.

Coach Connor will also be putting together a method to easily communicate via cell phone for announcements that need to get out quickly.

That’s it for now.  Have a good week and be safe!