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August 23, 2019 Weekly Update

Yesterday turned out to be a fantastic sailing day despite tropical weather potentially looming.  Lighter conditions in the morning were perfect for the Mercury and Apollo groups and the breeze built a bit for the Gemini and Artemis groups in the afternoon.  The team is really coming together nicely and the camaraderie is quickly developing despite so many new teammates.  It is pleasing to note that of the 35 sailors currently on the team, nine got started at MYC sailing camps, 7 are from EGYC camps and 2 attended both. Two more have sailed for several years in NY and Maine before moving to FL.

Yesterday, several sailors joined new practice groups which seemed to help make things run a little smoother.  As time goes on we will always look to adjust and improve the operation.  Our number one goal is for kids to learn to sail in a fun and positive environment. We are blessed with a talented and friendly coaching staff to make that happen.

Since we have doubled in size since last year and now sail at three separate times, getting to know one another is not as easy as before.  The date for our first social event is set for Wednesday, September 18 from 6-8pm at MYC.  Our social chairperson, Kara Mathews will be working out the details so stay tuned and please help her make it a really good event that helps grow the team environment.

 We would also like to use these weekly eblasts to introduce the sailors and their families to each other and the coaching staff.  Lisa Mohrman has put together a few questions to facilitate the communication.  Please meet the Cangianos.  They are EGYC members and their son Landon sailed at the summer camp there with Coach Pete and Jimmy Wood, one of our Artemis sailors who was an assistant coach. Landon is featured in the picture of the week. Meet the Cangianos…… 

1. Tell us your family member’s names and ages of your sailors and siblings:
Nicole Cangiano (mom) 34
Vinny Cangiano (dad) 34
Landon Cangiano (sailor) 10
Ava Cangiano (sister ) 8

2. Tell us about your family’s experiences with sailing, the water, and how long your sailor has been sailing:
Our family loves the water! We have a 42 ft regal that we take all over with Landon’s grandparents. Landon got really interested in sailing this summer after taking the camp and a few boating trips we took. His friend Ethan Linder helped get us involved.  His grandfather was really into teaching him how to tie the ropes so he can help dock the boat when they went alone on long trips!

3.  Do you have a story you’d like to share related to sailing or your sailor that would help us get to know you better?
We don’t have very many sailing stories yet since he is so new to sailing, but we are excited to make them! He really took to sailing fast and learned so much in the weeks he took this summer at EGYC.

4. Tell us something you like about Space Coast Sailing?
Positive role models for Landon and great group of kids for him to learn with!