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September 9, 2019 Weekly Update

After taking a week off due to Dorian, we were able to resume practice on Saturday with very good conditions. Attendance was high so clearly it was very good to be back on the water.  We welcome Whelan Ballard to the team.  He sailed in the EGYC summer camp and has really taken to the sport!

Next week will be our first social event of the season. By now you should have received an invitation from Kara Mathews with the details. If not, please contact her at  Please RSVP so we know how much food to bring.  The fare will consist of lasagna with salad and garlic rolls.  You are asked to bring an appetizer or dessert to share.  These are fun events and it is especially important to building team spirit since, due to our size, there are five separate groups sailing.

It seems that several of the parents are watching their kids sail and wanting to sail themselves so at MYCs learn to sail class yesterday, Danika Warren and the Newmarch family were in attendance.  In our continuing “meet the family” series that is organized by Lisa Mohrman, let’s meet the Newmarchs. A picture of their family is attached.

  1. Tell us your family member’s names and ages of your sailors and siblings:
  • Lynell Newmarch, mother
  • Philip Newmarch, father
  • Matthew Newmarch, age 12
  • Holly Newmarch, age 10
  1. Tell us about your family’s experiences with sailing, the water, and how long your sailor has been sailing:

Lynell sailed as a child with her whole family. She sailed during her school years for about 10 years. She sailed in dinghies including Optimist, Mirror, Gypsy, Laser and Dabchick (South African sailing class) and competed in regattas as a child. Philip is an avid wave windsurfer, since the age of 10. He started sailing at age 10 when his dad taught him how to windsurf. Matthew and Holly sailed for the first time in the EGYC summer sailing camp this summer for 3 days. They have now started with Space Coast Sailing. Matthew is in the 420’s beginners and Holly is in the beginner Bic class. They are both learning to windsurf as well and took a kitesurfing course over the spring holidays.

  1. Do you have a story you’d like to share related to sailing or your sailor that would help us get to know you better?
  • After the first summer sailing camp day, my daughter Holly came home and said to me “Mom, I think I have found “my thing”. I love sailing!”
  • After sailing the 420 boat, Matt said that he loved it. He said that he enjoyed sailing with another person and also liked the size and speed of the boat.
  • On the first day of sailing class, both kids capsized in the stronger wind, equipment was lost and tears of frustration were shed. However, they returned to the next class with excitement. They are both thoroughly enjoying it. Life has bumps and turns and nothing is perfect, but resilience is the key and I think sailing helps to build this into the character of the sailor. Learning to trust their own judgement and skills and harness the wind for power.

4. Tell us something you like about Space Coast Sailing?

  • I think that Coach Pete, Coach Conner and Coach Phil Spletter have done an excellent job at explaining the basics. It was impressive that the kids were able to get on the water in their dinghies with confidence and ease. The boats are wonderfully easy to rig and de-rig and it is such a blessing to have such wonderful caring people available to instill confidence in the children.