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September 20, 2019 Weekly Update

On Wednesday evening we held our first social event of the year at MYC giving the sailors, coaches and parents a chance to meet and get to know one another better.  During the event we welcomed Evan Cabre to the coaching staff.  Evan was one of the first sailors when the team was getting started about 6 years ago. Prior to that he had sailed in the youth sailing program on Nantucket Island, a truly world-class operation.  He brings much racing and teaching experience to the team that will be useful at practice and the regattas.  Many thanks to Kara Mathews who organized the event and to everyone who helped with set-up, serving and clean-up.

Our next practice is scheduled for Saturday but be sure to stay tuned to the Space Coast Sailing group chat on WhatsApp as the forecast has winds in the 15-20 knot range. Connor will advise as we get closer to practice time.  Our policy is to sail if at all possible so a decision could be made as late as the start of practice.

Next week practice is scheduled for Saturday.  After practice on 9/28 the Gemini and Atremis groups will load boats and gear for the regatta in Jensen Beach on 9/29.  Connor will be organizing the logistics and travel.  For those new to attending regattas, they are pretty low-key events although there some very good sailors so it is an enjoyable full day and a great learning experience.

In this weeks installment of meet the team, we learn more about the Vinogradov Family and learn of a sibling rivalry:

1. Laura and Ivan (form was filled out by the sailors and their parents ages WERE GIVEN, but we are omitting, haha), Peter, age 14, and David age 13, are morning 420 sailors with SCS, and their younger brother Alek is 11.

2. He has been sailing for a month with his father and brother in classes and family excursions.

3. During one class, as Peter was learning to jibe correctly as skipper, the boat made several 360’s, nearly flipped over, and knocked his hat off with the boom.  All through his failure, his brother David began shouting how he’d ruined the entire class, upsetting Peter who then knocked his brother overboard!

4. The vibrant community.