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October 1, 2019 Weekly Update

We’ve had an amazing streak of strong winds and challenging conditions but our sailors are hanging tough.  The newer ones are learning and gaining experience while the veterans are improving technique.  Conditions did moderate on Saturday for a very pleasant sailing day for the Mercury, Gemini, Apollo and Artemis groups.  The wind picked up a little for the Dolphins on Monday but by all accounts, the sailors handled it well.

After practice on Saturday, the team loaded up trailers for the trip to Jensen Beach on Sunday for the first of five regattas in the Florida East Coast Series.  Four trailers with four Open Skiffs, four 420s and 2 coach’s boats were loaded.  Under the direction of coaches Connor and Paige the team and parents really have a system down.  Amazingly, the entire process took about an hour.  On Sunday, they drove to Jensen Beach, unloaded and set it all up, sailed the regatta then loaded it back up and drove home. Thanks to EGYC and MYC who let us use the boats and to all the parents that contribute time and towing.

For the regatta, the wind returned to the 15-20 range and kicked up big waves thus making conditions difficult.  It is our philosophy that regattas are an excellent learning opportunity regardless of the position of finish.  Congratulations to all 12 of the sailors who gave it all they had in a day with high attrition, gaining experience and confidence in rough conditions. An extra shout-out to Ben, Jackson and Thomas who sailed all the races.  In the 14 boat O’pen Skiff fleet only 5 boats sailed all four races.  Ben sailed pretty consistently to take second place. The 420 fleet had 17 boats.  Thomas and Jackson outlasted nine boats and won a tiebreaker by having one more higher finish than the other boat.

The next regatta will be much easier logistically as it will be hosted by MYC.  We will return to our roots and use the 420s that are already at MYC.  The only boats that need to be transported are the Open Skiffs and if there is enough interest we can take more boats so more of our sailors can sail.  Keep in mind that for the less experienced sailors the coaches will evaluate the weather and may determine that some should not sail for safety reasons because the fleets are more spread out and the course more congested than in our normal practices.  This is our home regatta and we should do all we can to be sure that our guests have an enjoyable experience both on and off the water and that people leave with a good impression of MYC and SCS.  We are very fortunate the we will have a truly top tier race committee.

Our team shirts have arrived and will be available for pick-up at practice on Saturday.  If you would like additional shirts, they can be ordered for $25 each for a qty of 10.  Let me know the size and style (men’s, ladies, youth).  When the qty gets to 10  or more, the order will be placed.

Finally, we have another opportunity to brag on one of our former sailors, Elizabeth Johnson.  She is currently on the sailing team at Jacksonville U, which is nationally ranked 18th.  In 420s they won the top division at a regatta in St. Petersburg sailing against Florida, Florida State, South Florida, Eckerd and Miami.