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October 7, 2019 Weekly Update

After a tough regatta last weekend, he weather on Saturday was very nice for the Mercury, Gemini, Apollo and Artemis sailors. Hopefully conditions will be just as nice for the Dolphin sailors today. Our new team shirts were handed out so everyone can look like the SCS sailors that they are!  If anyone would like additional shirts, please let me know.  they are $25 each.

Also on Saturday MYC held an event to introduce Northrup Grumman employees to sailing.  Approximately 60 people went sailing on member’s boats then had dinner.  Thanks to Kara Mathews who ran the event, the proceeds from the tip jar went to SCS.  Another event is planned.  Hopefully these events will generate interest in learning to sail for adults and their families so the level and amount of sailing education for the entire area will continue to increase.  Lynne Moreno and Karen Williams are working on selling sandwiches at MYC rum races as another source of funding for our program.

Next Saturday 10/13 will be the last chance to practice before the MYC Youth Regatta on Sunday.  It will be the second event in Florida East Coast Series, potentially attracting 40-50+ sailors from the Keys to Daytona.   Right now the weather forecast is for winds around 7-8 for that day so hopefully it will hold and everyone will have an enjoyable day.  Logistically it will be much simpler since we will use the 420s already at MYC and will only need to transport the BICs. As a result, more sailors can participate so if you are interested in either sailing or checking out the regatta, please talk to your coaches.  It should be a fun and educational event.

For those who would like to sail more, the MYC Fall Regatta small boat weekend will be 10/19 & 20. Approximately seven races are planned over the two day period for all ages so it is an excellent opportunity to gain valuable experience.  Since practice will run concurrently on Saturday, the coaches will be occupied with that so any support on or off the water will need to be provided by parents.