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October 22, 2019 Weekly Update

With activities on four days, this past weekend was a busy one for SCS. On Friday, organized by Lynne Morono, we sold sandwiches donated by Longdoggers at the MYC Rum Race. Thanks to Holly, Jack M. and Max, we raised $113. We will likely continue to sell food at the races as it seems to be popular, the sailors like supporting our activities and it’s always fun to be around sailing activity.

With tropical weather on Saturday, the conditions were far less than ideal in the morning for sailing so the Mercury group stayed inside where Coaches Connor and Paige taught games that they learned as campers and later coaches in youth sailing programs. By the afternoon, conditions improved so that the Mercury and Artemis groups sailed in the protection of the canal.

Conditions were much better on Monday when Coach Pete continued to expose the Dolphins to the O’pen Skiff un-regatta format in the classroom and on the water. A course similar to the one used in the regatta was set up for practice and they worked on the dry capsize. The boat is intentionally capsized but rather than the sailor going in the water, they climb over the rail onto the centerboard and right the boat as they are climbing back over the rail. It is much faster than a regular capsize and an important skill because in the un-regatta format, a capsize is required. Besides, it’s fun!

It seems that the parents are watching the kids have fun and are starting to sail as well. At the Rum Race on Friday, Jackson and Carl Bjorklund as well as Graham Moecker enjoyed a nice evening sailing on big boats. Then on Sunday, at the MYC small boat edition of the Fall Regatta, Carl and Mary Ann Bjorklund, Todd and Sonya Schuerger as well as Geoff Swain and Melissa Tribou comprised 60% of the 420 fleet. An interesting aside is that the Sunfish fleet was won by Coach Paige’s dad.

SCS will have another busy weekend in two weeks. On Saturday 11/9 a group of Artemis and Gemini sailors will sail on the Mohrman’s 42′ Catalina in a 25 mile ocean race off of Ft.Pierce. For many of our sailors, it will be their first ocean sailing. Then on Sunday 11/10, SCS will attend FL East Coast Series Regatta #3 in Vero Beach. Coach Connor is organizing the logistics which has some challenges but it should be a very fun weekend with lots of different types of sailing.

Finally, fundraising is very necessary to keep the operation running and growing. To that end, on November 21, SCS will host a wine and beer tasting at EGYC featuring select wines and Intracoastal craft beers accompanied by heavy hors d’ oeuvres. The event will cost $75 per person but significant donors ($500 +) will receive admission tickets based upon their donation level. In addition, there will be a raffle of donated items. To that end, if you own a business or know someone that does or you have items that you would like to donate, please let us know. This will be our most significant fundraising event in our three year history. It is being organized by Lynne Moreno and Edy Williams so it is guaranteed to be an elegant evening for a cause that is near and dear to all of us.

The forecast for Saturday is good so let’s go sailing!