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November 21, 2019 Weekly Update

Here’s a report from Coach Connor with a few additions.  The forecast for Saturday is really good, with south winds of 5-10 and no rain. 
The winds were relatively strong, blowing around 12-15 mph in the morning. We kept the Apollo 420s in the Banana River and spent time working on our upwind sailing in the heavier winds. The group sailed from Anchorage Marina to Mather’s Bridge a few times. We came off the water a little early for sailors to warm up and ended with a few sailing games on the dock.
In the afternoon, the Artemis group ventured out in to the river where the winds had picked up a bit more while also being out in bigger seas. Two out of the three 420s were working on getting out on the trapeze. 
On a more serious note, as we venture in the winter season here, it is important that our sailor’s dress for the weather. If your sailor does not have any “Foul weather” gear, I suggest checking out for all of your sailing gear needs. I highly suggest a good spray top / smock top to keep your core warm as a minimum. I suggest some sort of water resistant pants. Also a good set of boots and gloves will go a long way. If your sailor gets cold pretty easily, you may want to add a winter hat to the list. 
For Bic sailors, as a core minimum, I suggest getting a wetsuit as well as some items that were listed above. The Bics have water flow in and out of the transom of the boat at all times so your sailor will be getting wet while on the boat. I suggest a 2mm or 3mm wetsuit for Bic sailors to wear. You can easily find wetsuits at any local surf shop or APS also carries wetsuits on their website. 
Included below are a few examples of gear to purchase from APS. Feel free to check out other sailing gear sites if you like, APS does a great job carrying lots of great sailing gear brands.
Due to a conflict, the end-of-the-semester Holiday party has been moved to Tuesday, December 10, one day before the previously scheduled time.  Kara is planning a very good event to celebrate our very successful semester.
Our next regatta is December 1st, in Palm Beach.
On the following weekend, MYC will host its annual Mermaid Regatta for female sailors.  This year, the crew must be 51% female.  Anyone wanting to sail will be able to get a crew spot on one of the boats.  Another idea is to put together a SCS team on one boat. 
As previously announced, the date for Wine and Beer Fundraiser has been changed to January 23, 2020 at EGYC.  Lynne Morano, Karen Williams and Edy Williams are putting together a fantastic event.  More details will be sent separately.
Here are two of our Artemis sailors practicing their trapeze work. (Sailor and Gia)